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PDX One is a tech collective providing services to our clients, including Managed Network & WiFi, Managed Linux environments, Web Hosting, and more.


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Embarking on a career at NASA Goddard Flight Space Center in 2004, Citizen later earned a BFA from the Rochester Institute of Technology in 2009. Since then, Citizen has navigated diverse technical roles, specializing in Linux. Citizen's expertise spans the technological landscape from hardware and embedded firmware Linux to extensive data center system administration.



This scientist was trained in physics and geology. They lead our research and innovation. The current focus is new low-energy, affordable, long-range mobile mesh networking solutions.



JC boasts a robust background in Linux system administration, particularly in the realms of web hosting and security.

Our Services

Free Services

PDX One offers multiple open-source free services that are free to use, including video conferencing and collaborative document tools.

Our Free Services

Managed Web Hosting

With multiple of our team's backgrounds as former cPanel Analysts with cPanel Inc., our hosting platform is built by experts who want to focus on quality over quantity. We specialize in high-quality hosting that's efficient and fast.

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Managed Networks & Wi-Fi

With a robust background in networking and Wi-Fi, PDX One has comprehensive skills based on past accomplishments in building and deploying wireless, switch, and routing products in real-world and testing deployments. We were experienced in small- and large-scale Wi-Fi deployments. We can cover large open areas for events or buildings of any size.

Our Networking

Linux Consulting

Embrace the power of Linux with PDX One's. With over 20 years of Linux experience, we have worked on everything from embedded Linux to large data center server environments. We are distribution agnostic and can function in any Linux environment.


Free Services

PDX One offers multiple free services. Our free collaborative services can be used on any platform without installing or downloading anything. To collaborate with someone, share the link with them, and they can collaborate with you. The services below are offered for free, but dont include all the services that PDX One offers.

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Video Conferencing

PDX One proudly hosts a free-to-use open-source multiplatform video conferencing service based on Jitsi. Using this service is extremely easy, as you only need to share the link for the meeting. There is no download or installation to join the meeting. This secure conferencing has an optional end-to-end encryption to keep your calls private. Additionally, this service offers many features expected from conferencing services, including chat, lobby, password, and more.

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Collaborative NotePad

Our Pad service is a seamless solution for collaborative document creation. To embark on collaborative ventures, effortlessly initiate edits within the document and share the URL with your desired collaborators. Our Pad service is built upon the foundation of EatherPad, a peer-reviewed Open Source software renowned for its reliability and collaborative capabilities. Experience the ease of collaborative document creation with our user-friendly Pad service, fostering efficient teamwork and shared productivity.

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Community WebHosting

For NonProfits, and community groups we offer our Web Hosting at no charge. We offer our full-featured web hosting with an easy web interface, an easy WordPress installer, and hundreds of web applications with an easy installer. We offer personal and professional web hosting to support our ability to offer free services for eligible community and NonProfits. To get started, open a conversation with us, using the live chat in the bottom right.

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Managed Web Hosting

Our former cPanel Analyst team ensures a quality-focused hosting experience, complete with free site migrations and white-label hosting, letting you focus on your business effortlessly. This ensures an exceptional hosting experience crafted by experts committed to quality over quantity, providing an unparalleled hosting solution.

PDXOne offers some of the best that cPanel Hosts can offer: an industry-standard easy control panel, effortless app management, top-tier performance on superfast NvME servers, free SSL on every domain, and robust security, ensuring a seamless experience. With free site migrations and white-label hosting, we handle the technicalities, allowing you to focus on your business.

PDX One uses a progressive pricing model and do not have typical web hosting prebuilt plans. Instead of prebuilt fixed prices, we prefer a more personal approach to matching, making sure you get what you need for what you can afford.

We can seamlessly transfer your sites to our platform with ease. Our Migration team includes former cPanel Analysts who will handle the entire migration process, including email transfers, ensuring a smooth transition to PDXOne.

All of our hosting is on top-tier performance on NvME servers, and our web hosting features cPanel and robust security, including always-on SSL security (HSTS), malicious file upload protection, and more

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Web Developer Partnership

Partner with PDXOne for a reliable hosting platform, recurring referral payments, and streamlined managed hosting services, benefiting from our team's expertise with prior cPanel Analyst experience for an enhanced hosting experience.

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Non-Profit and Community Groups

For Non-profits, and community groups we offer our Web Hosting at no charge. We offer our full-featured web hosting with an easy web interface, an easy WordPress installer, and hundreds of web applications with an easy installer. We offer personal and professional web hosting to support our ability to offer free services for eligible community and NonProfits. To get started, open a conversation with us.

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Web Developers

The PDX One Web Developer Partnership seeks to simplify and streamline the process of hosting client web projects while generating consistent income for Web Developers.

The concept is straightforward:

Web Developers require a reliable hosting platform for their client's projects and want the recurring income generated by web hosting. We aim to collaborate with web designers, offering managed hosting services for their clients and providing web developers with a monthly recurring referral payment each month.

Partnering with PDX One facilitates the hassle of web hosting and billing while providing recurring income without the complexities of monthly client billing or managing the client's email/hosting requirements. Additionally, the PDX One partnership enhances the hosting experience for our clients. Several members of the PDX One team bring prior experience as Analysts at cPanel, uniquely positioning them to deliver an exceptional hosting experience.

All of your clients will be within your reseller account, allowing you easy access to all of your client's website management in one portal and allowing us to handle the billing for each account. This enables web developers to get the best of reseller hosting without the pain and overhead of managing reoccurring billing.

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Managed Network & WiFi

Elevate your connectivity with PDX One's unparalleled expertise in networking and WiFi solutions. Our robust background is defined by a track record of successfully building and deploying cutting-edge wireless, switch, and routing products in both real-world scenarios and rigorous testing environments. Whether it's small-scale setups or large-scale WiFi deployments, we bring a wealth of experience to the table. From seamlessly covering expansive open areas at events to ensuring connectivity in buildings of any size, PDX One is your trusted partner for exceptional and reliable networking solutions.

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Linux Consulting

Unlock the full potential of Linux with PDX One's seasoned technical professionals. Boasting over two decades of Linux expertise, we've navigated the intricacies of everything from embedded Linux systems to expansive data center server environments. Our wealth of experience ensures a deep understanding of Linux across diverse applications, providing robust solutions tailored to your specific needs. Trust in our extensive Linux journey to enhance the efficiency and reliability of your technological landscape.

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